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Disinfecting your hands, Alcohol or Alcohol-free hand sanitiser?

Confused about the two key types of Hand sanitisers used to disinfect your hands?

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Vs Non Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

Ultimately a personal choice which way you go, but let’s look at some key points between alcohol hand sanitisers and alcohol-free hand sanitisers.

The simplest and easiest distinction between the two product types is fairly obvious, one contains alcohol and the other is alcohol-free. There are however, other key points to consider when choosing a hand sanitiser:


Hand Sanitisers containing Alcohol :

·       Alcohol based sanitisers can strip away natural glands which are there to protect the surface of the skin. In most cases this leads to dryness, dermatitis, and in other cases, bacterial infections.

·        Alcohol hand sanitisers provide quick kill rates, usually log 3 (99.9%), however they evaporate quickly once on the skin and cannot offer  residual antimicrobial protection.

·        Generally considered safe when used as directed though there is a slight risk of alcohol poisoning if consumed. (Keep out of reach from children!)

·         Alcohol based sanitisers can present a fire risk/hazard and should always be stored safely.



Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitisers :


·      This type of hand sanitiser is generally kinder to the skin as it contains emollients designed to moisturise the skin.

·      The antimicrobial compounds used in our alcohol-free sanitisers offer residual antimicrobial activity for up to 24 hours after application.

·      Alcohol-free sanitisers are suitable for everybody and for those who avoid alcohol for religious or personal reasons.

·      Does not stain surfaces or clothing and requires no special storage provision.


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