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How to disinfect Schools and Nurseries from Coronavirus

The latest announcement from the Government on Sunday, 10th May, 2020 has left many in the Education sector unsure and concerned about how they will be able to provide a school or care environment that is safe for both children and staff equally. There are so many questions that have been raised around how Nurseries and Schools can prepare for a staged return, here we try and provide a guide for schools and nurseries on how to disinfect effectively from Coronavirus. 


Our Guide for Schools and Nurseries for effective disinfection and protection from Covid 19

  1. You and your team should assess your environment and make note of all the key touch points or pathways. These are any areas that receive a high volume of traffic or touch. You should consider door handles, toilets, corridors etc.
  2. Review your everyday cleaning schedule and make sure it focuses on any high volume areas.
  3. We’d also advise a periodic disinfection of all these key areas. In this case these would be classrooms and public areas and should be on top of your enhanced daily cleaning areas. 
  4. Ensure that you contact a disinfection service that follows Public Health England guidelines. Stay away from services that only offer fogging. Disinfection services should always talk to you about manual cleaning of high touch point areas. Make sure you have agreed what these are up front.
  5. Allow disinfection services to come on site to your School or Nursery and assess the site properly. They need to get an understanding of the complexities each space has. It won’t be enough to just get a quote over the phone. Any reputable company should come on site and measure up. In addition, this should also give you confidence that they are really focusing on your environment and reassure you that there is science behind their pricing.
  6. When asking for a quote, don’t forget to show staff areas such as staff kitchens, offices and reception areas.
  7. The disinfection company should be happy to carry out the service overnight to ensure that there is no disruption to your teaching or caring schedule.
  8. Make sure you ask and understand what products they use, whether they are considered toxic or harmful to the surfaces they land on and most importantly how long they are effective for. 
  9. In the short term, from the 1st June, you may want to consider temperature screening devices. Ask your disinfection expert if they offer this service. 

Keep in mind

These are unusual times and for many of us we need to find a cost effective and most importantly reliable and successful long term solution to keeping us all safe in communal environments. Whether pupils return on the 1st June or in September, the way we manage our hygiene in these environments will change. When researching the disinfection company you will use, make sure you consider our points above to get the most effective service. Making sure firstly that you understand how to disinfect your schools and nurseries from Coronavirus is essential. You can learn more about the service Titan Protection provides here.


Titan Protection is a disinfection company. Our non toxic solutions are 99.999% effective against known pathogens including Covid 19 strains and offer protection for your learning environment for up to 30 days. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help to make your school or nursery safe for everyone.

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