Who are we?


The Titan Protection team are specialists in disinfection. We use non toxic products in our service to ensure that your school or nursery is protected against pathogens such as Covid 19 and safe for children of all ages. Please get in touch with the team to make an appointment for a site visit.

Titan Protection Service for Schools and Nurseries shows a man fogging a classroom

What happens next?


Once you have got in touch with Titan Protection, our service for Schools and Nurseries offers the following:

  • A full site assessment to establish the complexity of classrooms, gym areas, corridors, staff areas etc.
  • A comprehensive quote tailored to your school’s or nursery’s specific needs.
  • A promise to come out of hours to ensure we minimise disruption. This will ensure we systematically disinfect the whole environment using our proprietary 3 stage disinfection system.

How does it work?

  • We remove all bacteria and biofilm (thin layer of microorganisms) from key touchpoints, including as an example, door handles, areas above door handles, coat hangers, tables in classrooms, taps across all areas and desks in office areas.
  • We apply a safe virucidal disinfectant across all areas through electrostatic sprays and fogging machines.

  • Finally we will apply an antimicrobial protective layer to all key touchpoints – protecting you for longer and up to 30 days. 

We recommend you using this service in addition to your daily cleaning routines. 

Titan Protection Service showing nozzle for fogging a classroom successfully

To learn more about our Titan Protection Service for Schools and Nurseries, get in touch with us today for your specialised quote here or call us on 0208 191 0352.